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Estate Planning

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we appreciate that wealth protection plays as crucial an aspect in an overall financial strategy as growing wealth.

Financial Planning

Throughout life, events such as getting married, the birth of children, a promotion at work, divorce and retirement all present opportunities to take stock and reassess your finances.

Insurance Planning

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we take the same view of insurance planning as we do with the other elements of wealth management planning.

Investment Management

As one of the region’s foremost independent wealth management companies, we take our duties and responsibilities as your trusted advisor seriously.

Private Wealth Management

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we believe that a wealth management company you engage should always have your back. This means you clearly understand what the costs of transacting are and are not surprised by hidden, added expenses.

Retirement Planning

The entire Yang, Odell and Kostner team will be working behind the scenes to keep you updated with new opportunities to improve your situation, and evaluating the effect any changes in your life circumstances could have.

Ultra-High Net Worth

We have an additional range of bespoke services specifically designed for ultra-high net worth clients with over $20 million in investable assets.