Our Approach

Unique Planning-led Approach

Welcome To Yang, Odell and Kostner

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, our one of a kind planning-led approach takes into account your personal income, tax rate, post-employment aspirations, estate planning arrangements, and current resources to formulate an all-inclusive strategy that’s created just for you. This is how we’ve grown to be one of the leading independent wealth management companies in China, and serve clients from countries all around the world.

Our Distinctive Approach

Yang, Odell and Kostner is different because of our distinctive approach to creating your investment portfolio. We take an all-encompassing, financial planning-led approach in every situation, which means we take into account your current income, tax rate, family circumstances, insurance, inheritance, estate planning arrangements and more. We believe that this is the correct strategy to build a comprehensive portfolio that makes real sense.

Building a comprehensive portfolio takes much more than a simple know your client document. Many factors go into creating a portfolio that is the most favorable for you, so we take the time to ensure we have all the information needed to select the investments we feel have the best chance of achieving your aims and objectives. Understanding the whole picture is a crucial aspect of creating a portfolio that brings together all of your individual needs. We incorporate the vast knowledge of an entire team of experts in investments, insurance, risk management, and other specialties when creating portfolios.

This integrated approach means we can take a big picture interpretation when managing your wealth, and provide well thought out investment advice which can be adapted to take into account unexpected life, regulatory and legal changes.

We Are Different Because

  • We Create a portfolio specific to you
  • We take a holistic approach to planning, which enables us to create a portfolio especially tailored to your individual circumstances and situation.
  • Our fees are simple and transparent
  • We never charge hidden fees to your portfolio.
  • No conflicts of interest

We do not have proprietary investment products, so there is no conflict of interest when choosing investments.

How Other Companies Compare To Yang, Odell and Kostner

Other Companies

  • Not always obligated to serve your best interests – merely to do what is suitable.
  • Promote and sell proprietary investment products which are not always the most appropriate investment for you – but earns them a commission.
  • Charge additional fees hidden in the small print and take commissions.
  • Employees may not have the expertise or experience needed to manage your wealth or may be covering several roles rather than specializing in one.

Yang, Odell and Kostner

  • We act in a fiduciary capacity - always serving your best interests.
  • We don’t promote or sell proprietary investment products. Instead, we select from what is best and most appropriate to create a portfolio that matches your needs.
  • We have a straightforward, clear fee structure based on a percentage of transaction values.
  • We offer an all-inclusive service, incorporating financial planning, estate planning, investment management, insurance and more.

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