About Us

Our All-Encompassing Approach

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, our approach is what differentiates us from other wealth management companies. Our firmly held opinion is that your portfolio needs to take into account not only your present financial situation and long-term goals but also your specific and individual circumstances. We work to create and manage tailored portfolios that maximize the chances of success, today and for the future.

Our All-Encompassing Approach

Personalization is a term that is used liberally by many companies, but for us it means something tangible. Putting your investments into a model portfolio based on the boxes you checked in a Know Your Client document is not how we work. To genuinely create a suitable portfolio, we must understand your aims, such as future income needs or the wish to leave an enduring legacy to your family and heirs. We need also take into account your assets and income streams such as property and pensions, as well as the anticipated effect of income taxes, both now and yet to come. At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we weigh up all of these factors before we decide on your investment strategy.

All advice we give is intended to steer you closer to attaining your financial goals.

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we:

  • Do not offer or promote proprietary investment products, thereby avoiding any conflicts of interest. We only choose investments from the freely traded securities which are deemed best-in-class for our client’s requirements, so we are not swayed to select investments that pay us a better commission for example.
  • Are able to integrate financial and estate planning, investment and risk management, in-house.
  • Appoint you a dedicated and experienced account management team with a sound business background and specialist expertize.
  • Are approachable and reply to your queries quickly.

We Back Our Advice With Our Own Money

We take our duties and responsibilities seriously. We use strategies and methods that have been honed over numerous market cycles. We never select an investment for you that we haven’t, or wouldn’t invest our own money in.

Our portfolio recommendations are custom-made to suit your individual circumstances, and we will be here to help you with the precise asset allocation and strategy for you. We aim to guide you not just to make the correct choices in the near term but also help you achieve your future ambitions.

Working with us will not be the same as you may have experienced with other wealth management companies. We view you more as a partner than a client and as such, you will have a dedicated and experienced account manager as your point of contact. They will always be accessible for you to be able to discuss your investments and strategy or respond to queries.