Retirement Planning

Planning Ahead

Working for many years to give yourself and your loved ones the lifestyle you aspire to is no easy feat. Whether your retirement is far in the future or approaching fast, you need to prepare in advance to maintain what you have worked so hard for.

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, our all-encompassing, planning-led approach to all areas of managing your wealth includes your retirement. After gaining a full understanding of all the factors affecting your financials, family situation, and your aspirations, our team establishes, updates or improves your retirement plan so that it will work as hard for you in retirement as you did in your working life.

The entire Yang, Odell and Kostner team will be working behind the scenes to keep you updated with new opportunities to improve your situation, and evaluating the effect any changes in your life circumstances could have.

Being Creative

At Yang, Odell and Kostner we understand that people have many different ways they want to spend their retirement. From traveling to distant corners of the world to spending time with family, the opportunities that retirement present are limitless - as long as you can afford it. Living longer and improvements in lifestyles and healthcare mean that retirement can stretch much longer than it did for a generation or two ago, so preparation is even more important nowadays than it was previously.

Yang, Odell and Kostner will help you plan and prepare for the kind of retirement you want to enjoy.

Achieving these targets involves developing a plan to make the best use of the things you can control and putting strategies in place to mitigate the possible events that could arise and are beyond your control. We get to understand your present financial situation, your earnings, expenditure and how you like to live your life in order to begin the process of fulfilling your wishes for how you want to live your later years, giving you the peace of mind knowing your financial future is being taken care of.

Putting It Into Action

Preparing for retirement on paper is just the first step but putting it into action is what counts.

We’ll guide you on the best and most suitable investment strategies to move you closer to your retirement dreams. As with all our services, we will work together with you, customizing the plan until it fits you perfectly and makes full use of every opportunity to transform your aspirations for retirement into actuality.

Enjoying Life

Just because you give up work for retirement does not mean that we stop working too. We continue working to support and protect your financial independence so you can carry on enjoying the life you prepared for. During your retirement, we appreciate that your focus can turn more towards your legacy, and supporting your family and other good causes you choose. As a part of the overall retirement planning process, preparations can be made to make the best use of tax and gift planning to maximize the amount your beneficiaries receive.

Your retirement plan should be as individual as your plans for what you want to do during your retirement years. Whatever your vision for retirement looks like, we have the ability and experience to get you there.