Why We Are Here

Personalized Financial Strategy

Why Are We Here

In a nutshell, Yang, Odell and Kostner was formed because we believed there was a better way.

We believe the service you receive should be entirely in your best interest, and not for our benefit. We couldn’t change the financial services industry as a whole, but we can provide a different outlook to investors who feel the same way as we do. Yang, Odell and Kostner is a leading light in the international wealth management sector, with a keen focus on providing clients with very personally crafted financial plans and all-encompassing wealth management services.

Your Personalized Financial Strategy

We work on the belief that every client’s portfolio must take into account their present financial circumstances and acceptance of risk as well as their longer-term aims. Also, it must also incorporate all the specific elements that affect their daily lives. Because of this, we embrace an inclusive, goals-based strategy to portfolio management. We work with individuals and institutions to create and cultivate custom-built portfolios that maximize the chances for success.

Our portfolio management services are handcrafted to deliver the correct investment mix that matches you, your needs and aspirations. We believe your portfolio should be as individual as your fingerprint.

Our Fiduciary Principles

Many other companies supplement their revenue through commissions, so frequent buying and selling are promoted irrespective of how it affects your financial well-being. As fiduciaries, we are legally and morally bound to always act in your best interest, and we do not participate in churning when the investment reasoning does not warrant a transaction.

Serving as your trusted advisor is a responsibility that we take seriously. We are here to steer you towards the most suitable asset allocation and investment strategy, using techniques refined over numerous market cycles. Every day, we strengthen our clients’ trust and confidence in our approach by molding our investment recommendations to their particular circumstances. Our objective is to help you prepare for the events in your life that you anticipate and effectively manage those you do not.

Working With Yang, Odell and Kostner

Working with us will not be the same as with other companies you may have been in contact with previously. We’ll make an effort to get to know you, your aims and your ambitions in enough detail that your wishes for retirement are achieved.

Moving forward, we will work together in more of a two-way partnership than the aloof and indifferent relationship many people encounter with most wealth management companies.

At Yang, Odell and Kostner you are a real person, not merely another portfolio of investments to be managed. Everything we do is centered around your goals and requirements. Whether you prefer to be contacted frequently or not; we will accommodate your wishes. Our levels of personal service and attention to detail sets us apart from other companies.

Your contact with us will be via an experienced account manager, who in turn will be working together with our other professionals in different areas. This means that whether your needs are simple or complex, Yang, Odell and Kostner has the resources on hand to deliver the most complete approach imaginable to managing your overall financial wellbeing.