Insurance Planning

Protecting What You Have

Hoping for the best while preparing for the worst is a term as applicable now, if not more so, than it was for your grandparents, and for generations before them. Putting in place what is needed to make sure you keep what you have worked hard to accumulate is a critical element of any financial plan.

At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we take the same view of insurance planning as we do with the other elements of wealth management planning. It should be precisely tailored to match your needs as an individual.

Protecting Your Wealth

We take an all-encompassing, planning-led approach when creating and carrying out a wealth management strategy to tackle every aspect of your long-term financial objectives, including a comprehensive insurance needs evaluation to make sure that you, your family and your business are shielded from unforeseen events wherever possible. We will assess all policies already in place and evaluate how illness, long-term care expenses, and untimely death could affect your financial plan.

Making Sure You Are Covered

As one element of our all-encompassing approach to wealth management and preserving wealth, our team is able to facilitate clients to avail coverage for:

  • Disability insurance
  • Income replacement insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Umbrella liability insurance
  • Key person insurance

Ensuring you are not paying over the odds for coverage you do not need or serves no purpose along with making sure you have the proper coverage essential for when unforeseen events occur. At Yang, Odell and Kostner, we help clients to rest easy, confident in the knowledge that their insurance planning needs are taken care of.